Our Vision

Our vision is to be the company defining standards, service and excellence in technology driven solutions in business, healthcare and relevant sectors to improve and impact businesses and communities.

Our Services

At Oasis Websoft, we create user friendly, interactive web applications, enterprise resource planning solutions and unique mobile applications as well as attention grabbing websites and enterprise software solutions capable of driving up patronage and increasing revenue for our clients.

Our Mission

We are committed to building and developing technological solutions that ensure the continued competitiveness of businesses. Furthermore, we strive to keep the character of our software such that its ability to transform is clearly evidenced by persistent growth in every aspect of your business.

Our solutions

As one of Africa’s leading IT companies, we pride ourselves in developing outstanding products to solve real life problems in Africa.

Bisa Mobile Health App

Bisa means “ask” in the Ghanaian Twi language. This mobile phone application allows users across Android, iphone and Windows platforms to directly interact with medical practitioners and professionals at their convenience from the click of a button. This is a real advantage to people with health related queries who for one reason or another (e.g. inability to afford consultation fees, fear of stigmatization especially for those who have symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, etc) are unable to present themselves at the hospital.

Find out more about this product at www.bisaapp.com

Wala Blood Donation App

“Wala”: means life in the GA language, and it’s linked to giving blood, which means life to an unknown person in society.
The application is aimed at increasing voluntary blood donor education and recruitment, particularly among the youth.The app allows users to share customized photos to raise awareness on blood donation, provide daily health

tips for users and give opportunity for frequently asked questions where users can easily have access to relevant information on blood donation.