Social Empowerment Project

At Oasis Websoft, we believe in giving back knowledge and also empowering aspiring software developers  and society at large with the tools and training they need to get their job done well and effectively with technology. We organize programs geared towards increasing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes with infomation technology. We have a youtube channel dedicated to teaching and empowering the African society.We continuously monitor and evaluate emerging technologies in order for us to give back to the society.

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Open Source Development

We also provide Open Source support services, consulting, systems integration, outsourcing and infrastructure services, combined with powerful enterprise server technology. Oasis Websoft specializes in helping clients use information to create efficient, secure business operations that allow them to achieve their business goals. Oasis Websoft has deep focus on testing, optimization and maintenance of mission-critical, enterprise-class solutions leveraging Open Source, worldwide enterprise-class support for Open Source Software. We also build and deploy free and open source software that aim to solve the problems of Africans.

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beautify your online presence

At Oasis, our team of talented software engineers can help transform your business ideas into web based product helping you to capitalize on your niche. With the help of cutting edge web technologies like (HTML5,XHTML,CSS3,JavaScript,JQuery, FBML,Drupal,Wordpress)   our team can help you build a website that suits your needs. We strive for quality and customer satisfaction is our guarantee.

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