francis Kornu- “A typical work day for me would start at 8am and end somewhere after 5pm. As an intern at Oasis WebSoft, I am tasked with the development and design of web applications and I occasionally represent the company at events. Not long into the internship, we were handed our first project which required the use of a totally new framework that I was not familiar with. This was a challenge as well as an opportunity to learn something new and in the end it was a swift ride. The fun part about this internship is that, we could actually! Through this internship, I have had the chance to meet new and interesting people who have inspired me to do more and not accept the status quo. Every day is a fun day whether there is a project or not. Working at Oasis WebSoft for the past 3 weeks has been a great experience.”

Frances Wireko – “My internship experience so far has been an interesting one. Juggling multiple roles between Marketing intern, secretary, accountant, personal assistant and a bit of content management seems a lot but to me that isn’t the case. People or should I say students seem to believe that learning ends right after graduation but that is just a fantasy. Every day at work is a learning experience for me. It’s kind of weird to be in a conversation where you have no knowledge of what’s being discussed thus you are pushed to read more in order to keep up with the trend. At Oasis WebSoft we are challenged to fully understand not just the importance of technology but also the history behind it. It never gets boring when your boss and the people you work with are young and are passionate about what they do. That kind of spirit will always transcend around us and keep us alive.”

Adwoba Bota  – “Every day that I have spent with Oasis WebSoft has been breathtaking. With the amount of fun that goes on at the office eight hours is never enough. In the days that have passed I have learnt more about web design, content and data management, building websites and marketing. It’s been really exciting applying stuff we learn in school to real life projects. I was a very nervous and speculative student and didn’t have any idea which field I wanted to work in after school but this internship has helped in making things clear for me. I am more confident about my career path and more excited and willing to put maximum effort in what I am currently studying.”


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