Apps and Softwares

  • Ebola Ghana Alert

Ebola Ghana Alert is a platform that aims to provide people in Ghana with a reliable and easy-to-use application for the tracking, training and disseminating of information to the general public about the Ebola virus.  Our official USSD dial for the Ebola Ghana Alert (EBA) has been set up:Kindly type *713*444# currently available on MTN and Airtel. Tentatively, there are three (3) live menus with content for quick facts, diagnosis, and daily updates. Go to  for more.

  • Anansipedia 

Anansipedia is an educative platform that would bring students, scholars, lecturers and everyone who seeks education or information together, and also it allows the sharing of educational resources to help less privileged students around the world to also have access to world class educational resources. Go to for more.

  • Anansi Media Hub Beta

Anansi Media hub is an extremely light-weight, open source media player for Windows®. It supports all common video and audio file formats available for playback. We are 100% spyware free, there are no advertisements or toolbars.It is a user-friendly and reliable piece of software designed to provide you with the ability to watch any video you want or listen to music, regardless of the formats. Kindly click here to download  or view the complete source code here  . You can see it live in action here.

  •  Mbali >> Light off in Ghana

Mbali is a project that aims to track the random “load-shedding” put in place in Ghana and also to extract some valuable feed back/data from the citizens of Ghana. Kindly read this blog post to get in-depth details about this project

  • Africapp

Africapp is a cross platform and multicultural African App offering service. To serve the growing need of mobile users in Africa and diaspora, this service is aimed at making the developers ecosystem more viable and providing registered developers a renowned platform to showcase their apps and get paid.

  • Dr Diabetes

Dr Diabetes is a web application that aims to educate Ghanaians on the adverse effects of diabetes and also to allow them to fill up a questionnaire that predicts their status online. In this age a lot of governments invest monies on eradicating illness like AIDS and tuberculosis but diabetes is a slow poison thus killing so many people in a year. Oasis WebSoft took this upon ourselves to raise the awareness of diabetes via this web app..  UPDATE: We now have a windows desktop version of Dr Diabetes. Click this link to download.

  • Anansi Web Browser Beta 1.0

Our latest product is the Anansi Web Browser 1.0. Anansi Browser is an easy to use program that allows you to quickly access any webpage you want.We used the best microsoft technology there is,to create this web browser.It’s size is 1.3mb.It takes less than a min to download.It is very interactive with offline features like the web camera and theme changer.It also has a download manager that helps you to download all your music,videos and files at a fast rate.

  • Anansi App.

Anansi is a social news blog that delivers latest news and information from CNN,TechCrunch and Oasis WebSoft.It runs on android and symiban phones and it is available on Nokia OVI Store and the new windows phone market place..

  • Anansi Operating System (Linux Distribution Live CD)

Anansi Operating System is an Open Suse 12.1 linux distribution we developed on top of the linux kernel which re-defines the your desktop user experience.We built this appliance locally with Kiwi . The complete source code can be found here .  We have embeded all the basic softwares and system wares that will enhance your desktop connectivity examples are wine-devel package,apache2 package, audacity package,libreoffice-base package,anansi softwares,netbeans-javaparser package plus many more. With the help of more code contributors we hope to add a bundle of educational tools targeting our educational system in Africa and possibly with a local language  ( Swahili and twi etc. ) keyboard layout and localisation of some of these educational tools. You can also use anansi os along side your default os and it is virus free. Download Anansi OS Linux Live CD and give it a try!

  • Anansi ToolBar

The Anansi Toolbar we developed has had over 500 downloads.What are you waiting for spice up your web browser with the Anansi Toolbar.It is less than 1 megabyte to download.It has custom tabs to facebook,twitter,online radio,you tube and it gives you the weather forecast in your area.It is compartible with Mozilla firefox,Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome.

  • Anansi CalcPad 1.1

Anansi CalcPad is a handy application we developed in tandem with Seafire Software that allows you to perform basic calculations in a familiar interface. The software also allows you to take notes in the Story Pad view.You can access Google Reader from the application’s menu (the News Aggregator View) in order to read news. .

  • Find Me Custom Search Engine

Find Me is a custom Search engine we created using the Google search A.P.I. to help you find and to stay connected with old friends,acquaintances and lost family relations via Social networks.You can also use this tool to Find all your social links online

  • Wikipedia Search Engine

With over 3.5 million articles,chances are wikipedia has the answer to many of your questions.
You need to search to find them.It makes no sense to Google wikipedia articles.We have redesigned wikipedia’s search experience in Xhtml and CSS..We have not made any api calls yet.Contribute and let’s make wikipedia the next big thing in Search engines.Go to to view the web page.You can have access to the project’s codes and more at

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