Bisa Senegal Meets the Women from Baraka

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  • February 20, 2020
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The Bisa Senegal team met the women from the slum Baraka located in Dakar last month on the 9th of February, 2020. These women organize gatherings weekly to discuss solutions for different issues related to their families and to empower their economic activities. One of the leaders of the group, a lady named Mrs Fatoumata Sy, invited us at the end of October last year (when they were launching new classes in the neighbourhood primary school) to have a discussion with the group. Access to healthcare remains a problem in the slum where the majority live with very low incomes. The meeting allowed the team to present the Bisa product which these women can benefit from as well as their families. Indeed, they remain preoccupied for most of their health concerns but also for their youngest children.

  As most of them have smartphones, they chose to download the Bisa Senegal application right after it was presented to them. Among them are people who meet difficulties using the app as they are illiterate, but they want the application on their phone as they can rely on their children to use the application effectively.

  The group we met expressed its high satisfaction for the meeting we had.This gathering is part of a desire to lead an inclusive approach with populations in general but also those living in areas like Baraka city where the issue related to healthcare remains critical.

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