Bisa Senegal at Impact Hub Dakar

  • admin
  • March 04, 2020

Bisa Senegal team met startups incubated at “Impact Hub Dakar” on Thursday 13th of March 2020. The meeting was a way for Bisa to meet different people working in the digital health field and others in Dakar. Among the startups incubated at “Impact Hub” you can find different health related startups like Senvitale and Nowelli. Each startup presented the solution they worked on. Senvitale offers QR codes with the medical file of the person who can put them on a card or even a piece of jewelry whereas Nowelli offers solutions related to food. The aim of the start-up is to raise awareness related to eating habits and offer to the youngest a gaming application focusing on food education. Raindolf Owusu, the developer of the Bisa app shared in the presence of the director of the Hub his digital health solution and his experience in entrepreneurship. One of the main subjects he shared with the audience is his will to establish an alliance that will gather everyone working on digital health as a means to create synergy and a more strengthened ecosystem. A cocktail was offered by the hub after this meeting where  an opportunity to the members of Bisa Senegal to meet other startups involved in health or other fields. This is the case of a member of the startup Free Docteur which allows users to make an appointment with practitioners, a member of the Concree hub, one of the developers of Optionmetrics and the representative of the organization, ReachforChange. This networking afternoon was very rich for Bisa Senegal, which intends to work more with other local services involved in health.


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