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  • August 04, 2017
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National Blood Service, Ghana (NBSG) on Thursday, August 3, 2017 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Oasis Websoft, owners of Bisa, a mobile application software that allow users with android phone to directly interact with medical practitioners regardless of their location on blood related issues.

The application is aimed at increasing voluntary blood donor education and recruitment, particularly among the youth.

The MOU, which marks the beginning of phase one of the application, will allow hospitals in Ghana to send notifications to potential blood donors before and after blood donation and also educate the public on the importance of voluntary blood donation.

The signing of the MOU was affirmed after series of meetings between NBSG and the “Oasis Websoft team at the NBSG Headquarters in Accra.

“Wala”: means life in the GA language, and it’s linked to giving blood, which means life to an unknown person in society.

As part of its functions, the application is expected to notify its users on blood donation drives across the country with the aim of bringing blood donation closer to the doorstep of the donor public.

Dr. Justina Kordai Ansah, Chief Executive Officer of NBSG signed on behalf of the Service and was witnessed by Mr. Emmanuel Nene Dei, a senior Health Research Officer at NBSG while Mr. Raindolf Owusu, founder of Oasis Websoft, developers of the Bisa blood donor app, signed for his team and was witnessed by Dr. Dennis Addo, a member of the group.

Among other things, the app is expected to allow users to share customized photos to raise awareness on blood donation, provide daily health tips for users and give opportunity for frequently asked questions where users can easily have access to relevant information on blood donation.

The partnership will span for two years after which it will be reviewed following its success within the initial two-year period.

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