Raindolf is the CEO & Founder of Oasis WebSoft. He is a strong advocate for free and open-source software (FOSS) and is a visionary who believes in empowering Africa with software and technology.

As a software developer he is fluent in 9 programing languages. Some of his recognized works include Anansi Web Browser, which happens to be Africa’s first web browser, Anansi Calcpad, Anansipedia and Dr. Diabetes. He also helped to develop and deploy Ebola Ghana Alert which was a reliable and easy-to-use application for tracking, training and disseminating information to the public during the Ebola crisis. His most recent project is called Bisa which means ‘Ask’ in ‘Twi’. Bisa is a mobile application that allows users to ask doctors questions, guidelines, information and tips for managing their health.

Dubbed the “Mark Zuckerberg” of Accra by Forbes Africa magazine in 2012, he has been nominated and has received various awards including the Guido Sohne Fellowship 2012, Ideas Awards 2013 and the Mandela Washington Fellowship 2015. He was listed in Forbes Africa as one of Africa’s most promising under 30 entrepreneurs in 2015 and the New African Magazine named him one of 100 Most Influential Africans in 2015.

He also received the prestigious Junior Chamber International’s ten most outstanding young person’s award in Ghana. He won the International Telecommunications Union Young Innovator award in 2016.


Thomas Darku is the Head of Engineering and Research Development at Bisa. He was the first Ghanaian to be appointed Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) in 2013 and has since helped in recruiting other MSPs. In December 2013, Microsoft Africa awarded him “Developer of the Month”. In 2014 he gained recognition for his work and received awards such as “Most Creative and Innovative Student” at the UMAT Community Excellence Awards (UMEX). He published his first open source project on CodePlex, a Microsoft open source repository, developed a Pattern lock library to enhance security on app developed on windows phones and implemented a security feature in the note taking app on Windows Phone called “Penote”. Thomas also mentored and taught girls the basics of programming (Visual C#) for 4 months under the Youthspark program by Microsoft, directed by a Microsoft Partner in Learning (MSPIL), Key Information Network (KiNet) in Ghana. He also developed fun apps like artLab on windows phones and an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) app called “Read lens” which can extract text from images. In September 2015, he was recruited amongst the developers for an NGO called Fix Ghana for their “Pesewa” project. Pesewa is a crowdfunding project to help community development in Ghana.


Alexander Ingram is a global program and project manager, technologist, and relationship builder. He has a combine technical expertise with front-line business engagement to deliver innovative IT solutions with a practical and disciplined approach to program and project management. He previously worked at Fyber as a Consulting Solution Architect and Baxalta as a Program Manager. He was a management consultant at West Monroe Partners in USA and through the generosity of West Monroe Partners, he traveled to Cape Coast, Ghana to design and implement sustainable, affordable, and durable IT infrastructure. He worked closely with the Aboom Methodist School, one of Cape’s only schools with computer and networking hardware, to solve complex problems the school faces as one of Cape’s leaders in IT education. He is currently the EMEA Commercial Excellence Program Manager Shire Pharmaceuticals in Munich, Germany.